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Download Heems' Wild Water Kingdom Mixtape


Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri bka Heems has released his second mixtape of the year, Wild Water Kingdom. The tape, which is named after the Dorney Park-adjacent waterpark in Allentown, PA, a commercial-touchstone for anyone raised on a healthy dose of Hot 97, features production from Harry Fraud, Crookers and Heems' exclusive Nehru Jackets collaborator and high school friend Mike Finito. There is also a handful of contributions from his Greedhead label compatriots, including Le1f, Lakutis and Safe. Heems will be answering questions on Reddit from 4-6PM EST this afternoon; head here to ask him anything.

Download: Heems, Wild Water Kingdom (via Miss Info)

Download Heems' Wild Water Kingdom Mixtape