Download Iamsu!’s $uzy 6 $peed Mixtape


Twenty-two-year-old rapper and producer Iamsu! has quietly released an enormous amount of strong, free music in 2012. $uzy 6 $peed is his third tape of the year, following Kilt and Stoopid, a collaboration with Jay Ant, a fellow member of Richmond, CA’s HBK Gang crew. Su’s songs, which pair his relaxed, singsong flow with carefully-programmed slap, build unassumingly. Way more animated that most mushmouth ganja-loving rap, these songs are fun to flop around to in the moment, and their hooks memorable after it’s passed. While everything’s got a feel-good attitude, Su’s production has range: the vocal house loop of “Gone” hits an entirely different note than the goonish clap of “Mobbin.” Download the tape and check out “Bout Me,” the song Su produced for Wiz Khalifa’s Cabin Fever 2 tape (Khalifa returns the favor on $uzy, appearing on “Goin Up”) below.

Download: Iamsu!, $uzy 6 $peed

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  1. ASAPZEEK says:

    This tape is dope yo. I didn’t expect it to be as good.