Stream: Maxmillion Dunbar, “Woo”

maxmillion dunbar

When Andrew Field-Pickering, bka Maxmillion Dunbar used to write the Heal Yourself and Move column for this site, he regularly blew my mind by writing about electronic music in such a transcendent way. Yeah, you can listen to Autechre and be like, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? But only Field-Pickering managed to make it feel like a lifestyle. In his hands, every record he loved was life changing, and even if it wasn’t your thing, his enthusiasm and sheer love of music was infectious. When he makes music, it feels like he makes it with people like him in mind. People that are down to let grooves ride out endlessly because they sound good, people that look for textures in music. Sometimes all you need is a simple drum kick and you can bliss out for hours. “Woo” is more than that, but it does stretch and mold time through repetition. It’s as perfect for zoning out as it is for dancing to. Maxmillion Dunbar’s House of Woo will be out February 19th on RVNG, and you can catch him, along with Holly Herndon and Blondes this Friday, November 16th at 285 Kent.

Stream: Maxmillion Dunbar, “Woo”

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