Brooklyn Bound: Interview with Kilo Kish

To date, Brooklyn resident Kilo Kish has made her name through expert-level toeing of the lines that once separated singing, rapping and spoken word poetry. Kish, however, is an artist in the truest sense, never tied to just one particular medium, dabbling (rather successfully, if we say so) in whichever arenas inspire her. Recently, she brought Brooklyn Bound to LQQK Studio, the place where she’s made T-shirts for her tours. Clad in Converse boots, Kish sat down with Naomi Zeichner to talk about her experience in printing shops and textile design, the differences in creating music and visual art and the aesthetic overlap in everything she creates. Later this week, we’ll also have performance footage from Kish’s Brooklyn Bound show at Converse Rubber Tracks and an exclusive download from that performance.

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