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Stream Kitty Cash’s “Love the Free II,” Filled With R&B Dream Jams

It’s a good time to be a woman in R&B, and no one is proving that more than Kilo Kish’s DJ, Kitty Cash. Cash’s new mixtape, Love the Free II, is gleefully expansive, spanning an … read more »

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Kilo Kish Drops “Begin Route” Video, Announces Capsule Collection for Kitsuné

We’ve been itching for Kilo Kish’s Across to drop for almost a week now, ever since we stumbled upon the lush, enigmatic Instagram account teasing the EP. Today Kish released Across on iTunes and it’s … read more »

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Hear Snippets of Kilo Kish’s Across EP Via an Awesome Instagram Account

Wispy rapper/singer/artist Kilo Kish just shared snippets from her upcoming Across EP with a pretty sweet dedicated Instagram account. When viewed in grid mode on your phone, the account reveals immersive photography from a cross … read more »

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Stream: Vic Mensa, “She Loves the Mirror”

FADER PREMIERE 24-year-old DJ Kitty Cash, who has performed for the past couple of years with Kilo Kish, will release a tape of her own called Love The Free on December 11th. It will showcase … read more »

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13 Throwback Photos of Artists in Their Childhood Halloween Costumes

In anticipation of Halloween tomorrow, we’ve already dug up the best horror movie clips and carved Miley pumpkins. Today, we’re celebrating with a crew of FADER favorites, who shared throwback photos of their favorite in-costume … read more »

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Kilo Kish Covers Jordan Knight

Here’s another ode to Y2K pop, an ultra-chill version of Jordan Knight’s fast/slow dance seducer “Give It To You” from Kilo Kish, who was nine when the single originally dropped. Caleb Stone produced the cover, … read more »

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Stream: The Jet Age Of Tomorrow, “ON!”

The Jet Age of Tomorrow, the “N.E.R.D. to Odd Future’s Clipse” comprised of The Internet producer Matt Martians and Pyramid Vritra’s Hal Williams, will release their third free album this Friday, May 24th via Odd … read more »

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Musicians to Follow on Vine

At this year’s FADER FORT, we had a lot of fun using Vine, Twitter’s newish app for sharing six-second-or-less video clips and montages. It’s growing in popularity but still pretty slowly, maybe because it’s harder … read more »

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Download Kilo Kish’s K+ Mixtape

K+, Kilo Kish’s follow-up to last year’s Homeschool EP and the handful of loosies and videos that followed it, melds together demos with professional recordings and combines the efforts of more than 25 collaborators, including … read more »

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Stream: Kilo Kish f. Flatbush Zombies, “Creepwave”

Cronos’ beat for “Creepwave”—which has been out in an incomplete form since September, and is now finished—is all build without much release. There’s an dark industrial element to it too, with guitars streaking over the … read more »

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