Join Kilo Kish For A Catastrophic Breakfast In Her “Existential Crisis Hour” Video

Dripping in yolk and speculative doom, it’s taken from the L.A. artist’s new album, Reflections In Real Time.

February 29, 2016

Kilo Kish just released her first musical project since 2014 in the form of debut album Reflections in Real Time—but don’t mistake her silence for idleness. The 20-track LP is the first to be released through her own label Kisha Soundscape + Audio, adding record label founder to her laundry list of artistic accomplishments. The lively quirks of the album's sonics offset Kish's meditations on humanity and the self, an aesthetic perfectly captured in her video for “Existential Crisis Hour.”


“The video for 'Existential Crisis Hour' is an idea I came up with that is meant to illustrate the bombardment of inner thoughts and questions that I have on a daily basis,” Kilo Kish explained to The FADER in an email. “A simple task like having breakfast turns into a shit show when you over think it.”

The opening frame features a pristine Kish sitting at a cluttered dining table. The music evokes an 1960s commercial jingle but it soon goes from sweet to unsettling; she takes breakfast food after breakfast food to the head while asking the questions you never want to think about. Are my goals necessary, or do they just serve as a way to pass the time in an existence that began outside of my control? Cue the syrup.

Join Kilo Kish For A Catastrophic Breakfast In Her “Existential Crisis Hour” Video