Listen to Kilo Kish’s new track, “Spark”

An electro-pop bop.

November 27, 2019

Singer, visual artist, and designer Kilo Kish has released another new song, "Spark," from her upcoming EP, Redux. The song has Kish fluctuating between a calm delivery and a yell into the distorted void. Clad in what looks like a wedding dress and headwear, she never stops moving forward in the video, starting out on the beach and ending up... at the end of the beach? "Spark," feels like equal parts anguish and resentment.


Redux is due for a December release via Blacksmith and will mark Kish's fourth collaboration with Ray Brady, a producer known for his work with Vince Staples on Big Fish Theory. Until then, watch the video for "Spark" at the top of the page and check out our 2012 interview with her here.

Listen to Kilo Kish’s new track, “Spark”