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Lil B Just Released Another “Classical” Album, Tears 4 God

January 03, 2013

Lil B's wordless, self-produced, synth-noodling "classical" albums are like the just-as-tone-deaf counterpoint to his most distasteful rap lyrics, proof he's not afraid to cook in corners unappealing to the average listener. If you consider his whole body of work the conceptual statement, and not just the individual releases, stylistic breadth is definitely worth something—it's far more unclear whether that worth equals $10, Tears 4 God’s asking price. One small but important point: his newest "classical" effort, just like his last one Choices and Flowers, is attributed to The Basedgod, and not Lil B "The BasedGod," the name he uses on his umpteen mixtapes. Lil B acknowledges the personality split, too, and by separating the two artists, seemingly licenses people like me to really not care about Tears, while still chomping at the bit for Pink Flame. But click through to iTunes, you know you're curious.

Download: Lil B's Tears 4 God

1. Todays My Day
2. Just Try It
3. Lifes Me
4. The Pain
5. Thank You 7th
6. Darkness OK
7. Flying Planes
8. Paint on My Wall
9. Paper or Plastic
10. Happy New Year
11. More to Aliens
12. Dream a Lil
13. Catching Wasp
14. Dust Beneath
15. My Soul Fire
16. Bugs
17. Blast from the Past
18. My Wife
19. Go to Sleep

Lil B Just Released Another “Classical” Album, Tears 4 God