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Stream: Laura Mvula, "Green Garden"


Laura Mvula, the classically-trained former secondary school teacher that's now RCA's top priority, will release her second single, "Green Garden," on February 24th. Built atop wind-twinkled chimes and hand claps, the track's sun-bathed and un-anxiously seductive. Wherever you take me, I go, Mvula sings atop a finely layered chorus of her own voice, each harmony a rich, surprising flourish. Though they're without any apparent studio-treating, a stretch of vocals 25 seconds in recalls Bon Iver's otherworldly contribution to "Lost in the World." Mvula's debut LP Sing to the Moon is out March 4th. Stream "Green Garden" at Mvula's Soundcloud and watch her perform debut single "She," below.

Stream: Laura Mvula, "Green Garden"

Posted: January 07, 2013
Stream: Laura Mvula, "Green Garden"