FADER Mix: Jacques Greene

January 08, 2013

Montreal's moody R&B-house producer, very solid DJ and dude in the glasses in Azealia Bank's "212" video, Jacques Greene sets off on a North American tour this month, hitting cities from Vancouver to Miami, where he'll presumably play LuckyMe deep cuts and a lot of Amerie acapellas. He crafted this mix in anticipation, featuring a pair of nice Samoyed tracks and The Deep Boyz' great "The Boy Beats on His Drum." Download below, and then read an email interview featuring a few of Greene's favorite musicians and YouTubes of 2012.

Download: Jacques Greene's FADER Mix

What's the biggest non-musical thing taking up your time these days? Honestly I've been trying to not do much outside of this. I took some weeks off from shows to be home, just reconnecting with my friends and falling back into a few local spots and routines. Playing a lot of shows elsewhere sort of alienates you from home and it can be a really weird feeling.

What was some of your favorite music from last year? Anyone you want to shine a light on? Every track I heard from Anthony Naples has been right up my alley. There's a really great energy to all his records. Also every single thing I heard from Samoyed throughout the year was stellar.

What are you looking forward to the most on the tour? What about the least? Seeing some friends across the cities I've played before and eating some crazy stuff. Also really looking forward to playing Miami and Chicago for the first time. I don't mind travelling much, but it's frustrating to lose so much time outside of the studio just getting places. I need to get better at making music solely on my laptop so I can get productive on the road instead of feeling like I'm wasting time everyday.

I went on your YouTube and the 'favorites' section was very rich—what are a couple top video finds from last year? This video changed my life, the whole channel is incredible:

Best trailer:

1. Samoyed - Guts
2. Basic Soul Unit - Late Nite Shift
3. Paranoid London - Paris Dub 1
4. Darling Farah - Body (Jimmy Edgar remix)
5. DIVA - Paris Stabbing (Beats)
6. Trey Songz - Unfortunate (chop)
7. Vaghe Stelle - The Platform (Samoyed remix)
8. Machinedrum - Part of Me
9. Nautiluss - Zero Gravity
10. 95 North - Bring Back The Love (London to DC Dub)
11. Jacques Greene - untltd
12. Anthony Naples - Ill Still
13. Daphni - Springs
14. Mike Dunn presents the Deep Boyz - The Boy Beats on His Drum
15. Brawther - Spaceman Funk (George Fitzgerald remix)
16. 2562 - Aquatic Family Affair
17. Tommy Kruise - High Klass
18. Nosaj Thing - Try ft. Toro Y Moi

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FADER Mix: Jacques Greene