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Interview: Jeremih

Jeremih has a tattoo of a bass clef on his hand, a sign of his studious dedication to music making, which began with playing drums for the church choir, brought him through the production program at Kanye West's could-have-been-alma-mater and landed him a deal with Def Jam at 21. Following "Birthday Sex" and two albums for the label, Jeremih released a free album, Late Nights with Jeremih, this past summer, catching the attention of longtime R&B fans and enterprising remixers. (Jeremih has heard Shlohmo's "Fuck U All the Time" remix, and says it means a lot to him that someone took the time.) On a recent visit to FADER offices, Jeremih opened up about college poetry class, not clearing samples and learning to improvise in the studio from 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane.

Interview: Jeremih