Five London Menswear Designers to Watch

January 10, 2013

Try to sew together the all-over-the-place variety that poured out during the three days of the London Men's Collections this week, and you'd end up with a technicolor dream coat stitched together with patches of classic UK styles like punk, new wave, androgyny and even traditional Savile Row tailoring. But if we had to pick one direction we loved seeing come out of the shows, it's got to be the very cool East London take on streetwear like track suits and bulky bombers that some of our favorite designers sent down the runway. Here are a five of our favorites.

Shaun Samson

Like Casely-Hayford's amazing presentation yesterday, Shaun Samson, in his last collection as part of Topman's trio of emerging designers showcased during the MAN runway presentation, seems to have hockey jerseys on the brain. We also loved a very bulky, blue jacket with an iridescent sheen, which feels pulled directly from a ’90s Brandy video.

Martine Rose

We can't imagine a cooler designer than Martine Rose, whose patchwork logo hoodies and baggy satin trousers seemed somehow simultaneously like throwbacks to ’90s streetwear and also like completely fresh silhouettes. Props to those Beatles wigs, too.

Nasir Mazhar

Building off of his work from last season, Nasir continues his ace refined twists on the sweatshirt/sweatpant twinset made famous by cheap streetwear brands like Champion and Everlast. This season, he patched his looks together with clashing colors and leopard prints, but, for our own wardrobe, we're gagging over the more subtle sweatsuit that he stitched up in a classy navy blue.

Astrid Andersen

Astrid Andersen is no stranger to sports jerseys (she once famously rendered a basketball tank in yellow mink), and this season she sent out swag staples like a fur-sleeved bomber jackets and hoodies cartoonishly puffed up and stamped with her signature logo.

Kit Neale

Looks like Neale took a box of crayons to his collection of jumpsuits, sweatshirts and puffer coats, all of which feel super DIY and one-of-a-kind.

Five London Menswear Designers to Watch