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Video: Watch This Eric's Trip Documentary

Eric's Trip are one of the semi-forgotten slacker rock bands of the ’90s. Their songs were often cloaked in fuzz, vocals way low in the mix. Everyone sounded half asleep. It was awesome. Julie Doiron, the bassist/guitarist/vocalist for the band would go on to collaborate with Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie) and release solo records, but, weirdly, the Eric's Trip material isn't talked about as much as you'd expect. Maybe this documentary will change that, but maybe it doesn't need to. Mostly culled from old performance footage, dusty VHS tapes from that Reality Bites-era, when home video recording felt like the hottest thing around, and audio cassettes from the band's many shows, it's a warm document of an influential band's rise to relative success, and not only does it include some serious jams, it also illustrates the kind of music industry story that rarely happens anymore. You can watch the whole thing right here.

Video: Watch This Eric's Trip Documentary