Video: Masayoshi Fujita,“Swans and Morning Dews” + Twigs & Yarn Remix

We’ve expressed our awe for the delicate work of vibraphone composer Masayoshi Fujita and Austin sound collage duo Twigs & Yarn before, and now the two have mixed their music all together, linked up via Flau, one of our Labels to Watch for 2013. First, check out the inspiring, single-take video for Fujita’s “Swans and Morning Dews,” which shows off how exactly he makes earth’s most serene music with two hands and one instrument. Then, hear Twigs & Yarn’s take on the track, a chunky reinterpretation that’s like casing the song in a canteen and taking it along for a hike. Stories, Fujita’s first LP under his own name—he also records as El Fog—is out now, as is Twigs & Yarn’s The Language of Flowers. Twigs & Yarn will be performing at SXSW, too.

Stream: Masayoshi Fujita,“Swans and Morning Dews (Twigs & Yarn Remix)”

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