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Download Lil B's Pink Flame Mixtape

Continuing his apparent campaign to release music at the most inopportune times, yesterday Lil B dropped Pink Flame during the Super Bowl. At 26 tracks, the mixtape is a behemoth, weirdly drawn out by extended instrumental outros that close a good number of tracks, like minute-long spaces for verses that never happened. It's hard to say whether that speaks more to Lil B's laziness/disinterest or whether it should be understood as a showing-off of beat wealth, as if his fridge is full of so many tracks that he can just leave the leftovers on the table to rot. If those outros call attention to Lil B's possible fatigue (see also: his hardly all-out diss at Joey Bada$$), the higher-tempo Pink Flame tracks like "Los Angeles" and "Up to Bat" do enliven things, simply by forcing Lil B to lean into his verses a little more in order to keep up. Some of his adlibs are particularly great, like the one at the end of "Ban the Weapons": What the fuck you need a weapon fo'? You scared out here boy? Other standouts include the grumpy "Thug," flanged-out "Thugs Pain" and hilariously mispronounced "Based Cerebral." The song "Go Under Remix" is worth calling out, too, as the first time in recent memory that Lil B put another artist on his mixtape, and an unusual choice to boot: Ocean Gang member Cartier God sticks around for a remix of his original.

Download: Lil B's Pink Flame Mixtape

Download Lil B's Pink Flame Mixtape