Download Kilo Kish’s K+ Mixtape


K+, Kilo Kish’s follow-up to last year’s Homeschool EP and the handful of loosies and videos that followed it, melds together demos with professional recordings and combines the efforts of more than 25 collaborators, including Matt Martians, Nick Hook, Earl Sweatshirt, SBTRKT, Childish Gambino, Kitty Cash and Vince Staples. Earl produced “Trappin,” to which he also lent backing vocals. Kish first shared the tape at a small theater in Manhattan earlier this month, presenting the music alongside a multimedia swirl of the notes, recorded Skype chats and text messages she gathered while recording. Clips of those conversations serve as transitions throughout K+, which Kish explains in the below mission statement video as “an attempt to purposefully highlight our imperfections and reject the finality of a release date. I believe we are all always working and making changes.” For more on Kish’s journey from bedroom soloist to corralling such an ambitious team effort, read her GEN F.

Download: Kilo Kish, K+

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  1. Kevin says:

    The mixtape takes 8 hours to download?? Can someone alert her camp. The file is to big.

  2. Milkman says:

    If you need to download the Kilo Kish mixtape.. im hosting it on my site

  3. ed says:

    trying way too hard to be artistic w/ the video. wOaAa sYMBOLIsM….only its being spoon fed to you, albeit in an adorable way. cool, process art. how homeric. only every album is or should be. the journey is as important as the destination. it shouldnt be such a revolutionary idea that she has to narrate every step. you in new york. this type of video should wow a total music custie in wyoming. good music though!