Video: Drake, “Started From the Bottom”

Update 2/10/2102: In a red carpet interview with E!’s Ryan Seacrest, a wine-drinking Drake revealed that his upcoming album will be called Nothing Was the Same. According to a press release, it’s due out this summer.


Just after winning the Best Rap Album Grammy for Take Care at a pre-telecast ceremony, Drake has released a then-and-now video for his next LP’s single, first “Started From the Bottom.” The rapper stars as a stock boy turned vacationing star, enjoying snow flurries, around-the-cash-register banter and a session of glow in the dark bowling along the way. Made with Director X, who also did the adult Bar Mitzvah “HYFR” clip.

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  1. MeiPlae says:

    I just think its funny how it goes, jewish rich kid rapping about coming from the bottom when he was never at the bottom to start with.

  2. marc francis says:

    started from the bottom. yeah, because being an upper middle class canadian kid who starred in a teen drama is the bottom.

  3. what what says:

    lol @ shoppers drug mart