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Stream inc.'s Album no world

Inc. made a powerful album. Not much of no world is particularly aggressive, and much of it is subtle and slow, but they have harnessing the sultry creep of modern R&B and paired it with their impeccable chops. "Angel," one of the album's standouts, moves along at midpace, rimshots mixed with mini machine gun hi-hats with the lilting vocal plea, Take me to the river and I'll be your angel. There's a dark side to them, sure, but the song is played and produced precisely, with nothing to hide. You can be the devil and I'll be your angel, they sing, quite sure of their place in the light.

California-based Andrew and Daniel Aged, the two brothers who make up inc., have a history as session musicians playing with the likes of Pharrell and Raphael Saadiq, and their music takes those artists' basic need for rhythm and turns it sideways. no world is fundamentally beautiful, certainly hummable, but also supernatural, less interested in worming its way into your heart than taking over your body. The album will be officially released next Tuesday, February 19th, and the brothers play a celebratory concert at Le Possion Rouge in New York City that night, before heading to Europe.

Stream inc.'s Album no world