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Stream: Cokiyu f. Baths, "Twinkle Way"


In order to name a song "Twinkle Way," you have to be pretty confident that softness is your core virtue. Thankfully, a quiet and pitch-perfectly tender repertoire precedes Cokiyu, the artist behind one of label-that-no-longer-needs-an-introdcution Flau's greatest releases, the 2011 Your Thorn LP, whose fluttering title track is also embedded below. "Twinkle Way" was assisted by revered young LA producer Baths, and it hails from Cokiyu's "Haku" single, which also features collaborations with Geskia! and LASTorder and a nine-minute Madegg remix.

Stream: Cokiyu f. Baths, "Twinkle Way"

Posted: February 13, 2013
Stream: Cokiyu f. Baths, "Twinkle Way"