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Download Arbutus' Sean Savage Covers Compilation


The extended Canadian family surrounding weird Montreal music hub Arbutus Records come together on this album-length tribute to Sean Nicholas Savage, the man behind defunct, proto-Tops rock band Silly Kissers and also a prolific recording artist in his own right. Savage made the first record Arbutus ever released, and while he's mysteriously escaped much of the stateside chatter surrounding the scene that Grimes put on the map, he's socially and musically such an influential dude that the seventeen artists on Taste of Savage are describing themselves as his "pupils." Download the compilation for free via Arbutus, and hear Savage's madcap lyricism and hooky songwriting refracted through the sonic prism of folks like Mac DeMarco, Majical Cloudz, Doldrums, Quiet Hooves and the Tonstartssbandht brothers.

Download: Arbutus Records, Taste Of Savage

Download Arbutus' Sean Savage Covers Compilation