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Stream: Co La, "Melter's Delight"

Back in 2011, Co La's Matthew Papich broke onto the blog scene with the horizontally unfolding vacation kitsch of Daydream Repeater. Released on Vermont label NNA Tapes, it seemed a culmination of the unique if somewhat bizarre style the Baltimore producer had been honing since a few years prior, which consisted mainly in taking dub and tropicalia samples, arranging them into dense, geometric configurations, and repeating the resulting structures to the point where everything began to sound quite trippy. Now, he's got a follow-up coming out on Software, and where his previous output could sound a bit blocky and static, lead single "Melter's Delight" suggests that he's broadened his sonic palette, and also become increasingly fond of empty space as a compositional tool. The rhythmic substrate of "Melter's Delight" sounds refreshingly all over the place, built pell mell from bongos, breaths, and arpeggiated synth tweakery, though it all comes together with the pretty nasty sounding reggae vocals at the end of the track. Look out for Moody Coup on May 7th.

Stream: Co La, "Melter's Delight"