Stream: Sean Nicholas Savage, “Lonely Woman”


Just the other week, Montreal’s Arbutus Records released a free covers compilation honoring one Sean Nicholas Savage, a singer-songwriter, madcap philosopher, and all-around scene-pillar in the particular freak-flag-flying sector of the Canadian music community surrounding folks like Grimes, Mac DeMarco and Doldrums. In addition to an upcoming “Arbutus Caravan Tour” with the latter and Blue Hawaii, Savage has a new record coming out on April 30th. Other Life lead single “Lonely Woman” is a gentle, R&B-infused ballad about his conflicted feelings trying to court a woman who doesn’t seem to want to be tied down by love. Musically, it’s pretty straightforward, but it’s in his lyrics that Savage seems to be the most adventurous, slowly chipping away at his love object’s resistance with pick-up lines you’re bound to remember, like You could go to bed with your freedom, but it’ll make you a lonely woman.

Stream: Sean Nicholas Savage, “Lonely Woman”

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