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Download JODY's Magique EP


According to JODY producer Brandon Boom, their new six-person R&B group is named after the mythic character Joe D. Grinder, "who, while you are away at war or prison, would sleep with your wife and drive your car around." The production is a slightly dialed-back, more vocal-friendly version of Boom and his partner Jeremy Chrome's dense, blurry, druggy project The-Drum; the team behind JODY includes singers/songwriters David Robertson, Khallee Standberry-Lois, James King (of The GTW) and Jeremiah Meece. Essentially three tracks, their debut Magique is the first of three planned EPs, plus a forthcoming full-length. Tagged as "sex sex music sexual sexy sexy music," the EP is out now for just a buck—or more if you want—on Bandcamp.

Download: JODY's Magique EP

Download JODY's Magique EP