Nelly’s New “Hey Porsche” Is a Pop-Country Song

This is not a good song, but I was curious and so maybe you are too. While Nelly’s tank top and du-rag look is essentially unchanged since Country Grammar, in the years since he has apparently followed the dusty, Midwestern road paved by his bizarre but memorable Tim McGraw collaboration “Over and Over” straight toward a late-career pop-country sunset. His latest works a limp style of pop-lite, complete with One Direction-esque opening solo guitar, obvious “Whistle”-like double entendre—like “Hey Porsche,” that song was also produced by DJ Frank E—and weak, cruise-control strums that do not suggest a human playing them. In a weird way, given the strip club extremes of songs like “Tip Drill,” pursuing such totally impotent pop seems like a logical decision for Nelly, because there’s new territory for him to explore, however pointlessly. At the end of the video, as he drives away, his car radio plays Florida Georgia Line’s straight-up country song “Cruise,” with an added shout-out from the band. (They’ve also been covering “Hot in Herre” live, apparently.)

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  1. I heard this in the morning on potholesinmyblog and holy shit dude, i cant wait till you guys post my music lol.

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  3. Paul says:

    What kind of ‘story’ was that?! That was pure shit.
    Go work in a supermarket Duncan.

  4. pogba says:

    paul you write shit
    duncan good short article clear general music knowledge used to analyse `nelly hey porsche`
    and research .for eg. the country song playing at the end of the video
    paul work in a supermarket in order to humble yourself