Preview Beyoncé’s New Single, “Grown Woman”

Beyoncé did not release her upcoming album’s first single this morning, as a 6-second teaser yesterday suggested she might. Instead, she shared this minute-long Pepsi commercial, a part of her estimated $50 million dollar deal with the brand, which revisits great Bey videos past and previews a new song, “Grown Woman.” According to MissInfo, the track will be available on iTunes next Monday, April 8th. Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter World Tour kicks off April 15th in Belgrade. Here’s why it was so tough to get tickets.

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  1. roll says:

    Good advert but …who drinks Pepsi nowadays??? I haven’t had fizzy drinks since I was a kid….just sayin lol

  2. Savvy says:

    Erm @roll thats probably why they did a million dollar ad campaign with a Beyoncé…..just sayin ;)