Video: Tim Vocals, "Next"

The arrival of the video for Tim Vocals' latest G-mix, an interpolation of The Weeknd's "Next" from Vocals' Live From Harlem mixtape, comes with the harrowing news of his incarceration. The video for "Next," in fact, shows Vocals dressed to the nines, ambling around the city, before going to turn himself in, while the song itself details the unfortunate circumstance of his offense (SPOILER ALERT: it's some bullshit). Vocals' Twitter account says he'll be home in a couple months, but if you're looking to reach out and touch a young G, fly him a kite at the below address:

Tim Vocals 13 R 0633
Ulster Correctional Facility
750 Berme Road
P.O. Box 800
Napanoch, New York 12458

Video: Tim Vocals, "Next"