Interview: Phoenix

In anticipation of Phoenix‘s upcoming album Bankrupt!, out April 23rd via Loyauté/ Glassnote, we sat down with singer Thomas Mars and bass player Deck d’Arcy in a glass-walled suite at the Standard Hotel in the East Village. Squinting against the late winter sun, we talked about the challenges of writing new material in the wake of a Grammy award, their love for Ethiopian jazz and their experience doing some preliminary research for the album while living in New York’s Chinatown. The twist was, we conducted the interview in their native tongue.

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  1. vinnie says:

    Great interview. Awkward, but charming and still interesting. I always wondered why they wrote/sang in English.

  2. morgan says:

    You can definitely hear the asian influence on their track Entertainment, especially in the beginning. take a listen to the track if you haven’t already.

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