Video: Le Youth, “Cool”

Over the past six months, 200,000 people have streamed Le Youth’s sunshine disco track “Cool,” which notably pulls from Cassie’s “Me & U,” and now Ultra have picked up the track for a legit, sample-cleared single release, out July 2nd. Even if you’re on the fence about this one—sometimes it’s hard to tell with a Cassie sample whether the producer is a true chef or just a waiter, passing off something that was great before they touched it—a breeze through Le Youth’s Soundcloud shows he’s got promise to spare.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Its Cassie related you know I had to comment. I’ve been on the track obsessively since a friend showed me and I’m pumped for the single release, maybe I can get a fancy vinyl unlike Lower’s amazing “All the way down”. As for “Cool”, I think this is the perfect visual for the song, it fits like the greatest camisole. Shame we couldn’t get the singer/model in the video though.

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