Video: Doldrums, “Lost in Everyone”

Until it explodes into a hallucinatory palette of oranges and blues, this Angus Borsos and Airick Woodhead-directed film for Doldrums‘ “Lost in Everyone” is locked into a particularly cold-feeling grayscale, its breathtakingly photographed trees and puddles and dark corridors seeming only to underscore the inner restlessness of a single, wandering figure, who seems to be escaping to nowhere fast. We’re reminded of the timeless, colorless place that Milo visits at the beginning of The Phantom Tollbooth—and from which Montreal’s Airwick Woodhead took the project’s name—yet something in the song’s atonal lurch smacks less of childlike boredom than of a very adult kind of existential angst. Lesser Evil is out now via Arbutus Records in North America and Souterrain Transmissions in Europe.

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