Watch R. Kelly Do “Ignition (Remix)” With Phoenix at Coachella

In a beautiful collaboration that makes absolutely no sense, last night R. Kelly performed with Phoenix at Coachella. Watch audience footage of their “1901″/”Ignition (Remix)” remix.

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  1. tom moon says:

    someone made this track as a mashup earlier today:

  2. morgan says:

    haha this collab makes no sense but i absolutely love it. only getting more excited for Bankrupt! to drop on the 23rd

  3. ed says:

    Here’s another one from back in 2009…

  4. ed says:

    Casually Here – I’m A Flirt VS 1901 (Phoenix R Kelly Mashup)

  5. Janie face says:

    Does anybody else feel like anything is possible now? Like…the world’s a little bit better?