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Stream: Lil Durk, "Dis Ain't What U Want"


Lil Durk bellows In my own city they hate on me/ Put weight on me and I can't do no shows cause I'm terrified of my city/ They say I terrify my city on "Dis Ain't What U Want," a new single likely to appear on upcoming mixtape Signed To The Streets and possibly on the Def Jam LP he's been recording since last summer. It's choking and unsurprisingly elegant. Lil Durk had written both lyrics and melodies well. Here, he conveys the loneliness and studio confinement heard on dejected Future tracks like "Neva End," flatly confronting the experience of becoming a curiosity to those you once relied on. The beat is by Paris Beuller, longtime Durk collaborator and one of FADER's 2013 producers to watch. A "Dis Ain't What U Want" video will be released April 30th, when the song hits iTunes.

Stream: Lil Durk, "Dis Ain't What U Want"

Posted: April 18, 2013
Stream: Lil Durk, "Dis Ain't What U Want"