Buy That: The Cam’ron “Glare And Wink” T-Shirt


Back in 2003, at the height of Cam’ron’s dedication to the color pink, and also the peak of his fame, the rapper showed up to the Grammy’s dressed up in all-pink everything, including a matching fur coat and hat set, and adorable nextel phone. For the duration of his red carpet appearance even, Cam kept the phone glued to his ear, speaking maybe to Monica Morrow, his stylist at the time, or more likely, to no one at all, holding his pose firm, a dedication to silhouette unseen outside of world class ballet. New York Nothing, of Morrissey shirt fame, has seen fit to honor Cam with their “Glare And Pink” tee, named for a line from his “Dead Muthafuckers.” The shirt is a chance to wear that moment in rap history and show people that Cam’ron was (and maybe still is) much more than the guy who made “Suck It Or Not.” Cop the “Glare And Wink” T-shirt here.

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  1. This clothing company used my artwork (Cam’ron painting) without my consent or knowledge & it’s been bugging me all day as i’ve been contacting them to take it down from their site which they haven’t at all. Please help and don’t buy from companies who steal from artists. Here’s the original painting which I did last year:

  2. Hassan says:

    They took this shirt down, maybe Fader should delete or update this post to note that the tee was plagiarized artwork.

  3. I’m glad they take down the shirt! I’m glad Kristofferson saw his drawings online! Not all is as lucky and many are copying the works of artist.