Lockah, “Now U Wanna (Offshore Remix)” MP3

April 24, 2013

Last summer, separate from the Tuff Wax label he runs, Scottish producer Lockah released an impressive EP via Mad Decent's free music offshoot Jeffree's, called When U Stop Feeling Like a Weirdo & Become a Threat. Now, presumably becoming somewhat of a free music threat himself, he's turning over a new leaf and starting Tuff Trax, a similar monthly singles club. (Unrelated: Tuff Trax was also the name of a delightful monster truck TV show in the ’80s.) The inaugural Tuff Trax release is a melancholy one, produced by the Big Dada-affiliated graphic designer and musician Offshore, who passed away in December. Read a statement from Lockah beneath the stream, explaining his admiration for Offshore and how this remix came about.

Download: Lockah, "Now U Wanna (Offshore Remix)"

First up, a special piece of music which for a long time I wasn’t sure what to do with. Here’s an incredible remix that our friend Ewan Robertson aka Offshore did for me last year. This was originally planned to be included on ‘When U Stop Feeling Like A Weirdo & Become A Threat’ along with the original. We had spoken back and forth about putting it online but never found the time to just master it and get it out there. After Ewan’s sad passing & having spoken to his brother Neil, it just seemed like the right thing to do to give it away for all to enjoy.

Ewan was a real inspiration to us from day one, being a local guy who was a real success story in music and the arts. Despite us barely knowing each other when we first started chatting, he was so approachable and always took time out of his schedule to give us feedback and advice on our sometimes iffy early productions. We loved to hang out with him when he came home to visit his folks and we all miss him a lot. RIP mate.

Lockah, “Now U Wanna (Offshore Remix)” MP3