Alison Valentine, “No One (Maxwell Cover)” MP3


Allison Valentine, an NYC-based classically trained singer and recent grad of the Tisch School of Music, has released a soulful ’90s house throwback cover of “No One,” the sleeper single from Maxwell’s 2001 album, Now. Over two-step synths and gentle loops, Valentine recalls a messy love affair, settling for a cozy second-place in her paramour’s life. Valentine is currently in Paris working on her as-yet-untitled debut EP, slated for release in early fall.

Download: Alison Valentine, “No One (Maxwell Cover)”

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  1. Roger Riddle says:

    I want to like this song. Alison Valentine’s voice is perfect for a deep sexy House track. Her choice of material is top shelf. Everyone knows Maxwell is an incredible artist but he gets overlooked. For Valentine to choose to cover “No One” says a lot about her as an artist.

    My problem with the track is the production. It doesn’t do her justice. The production of this track is not quite typical dance. It does have some merit. But it doesn’t grab you the way Valentine’s voice does. Instead of accompanying her to create a beautiful song, it was just there so that it wasn’t an acapella.

    I would love to hear someone rework this with a deep house mix. I think something a little darker, sexier, more soulful, and less bouncy would really help to bring out her vocals.

    As it is now, it is a track that I would play but it probably wouldn’t be a stand out track in my mix. However, I will keep an ear towards Alison Valentine because the talent is definitely there.