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Video: Stori, "Bloodclot"

Recent Motown signee Stori is something of a triple threat in that she can sing, rap and is also fine as hell. A song called "Pocketbook," which you can stream on Stori's website, displays the first two talents, but the latter two can be experienced in abundance in the video for "Bloodclot," where the New Jersey native raps exactly like all-but-forgotten rap titan, Method Man. If you're looking for more of Stori's story, you're going to have to wait until she decides to share it because her name is pretty much un-Googlable right now. It's an unfortunate thing to have to consider in the realm of music today, but look how that all worked out for Future. Bad Ass Dame, Stori's debut mixtape, is scheduled to drop in June.

Video: Stori, "Bloodclot"