Video: 100s, “1999″

Despite their shared penchant for a hot comb, I never thought 100s, the rapper responsible for last year’s stellar Ice Cold Perm, looked like DJ Quick. But there are scenes in this “1999″ video, wherein 100s definitely favors The Quicksta. Maybe it’s just the background dancers, but the “My Activator” singer’s music recalls a simpler time when a true player couldn’t leave the house without at least three pieces of jewelry on and being seen drinking a 40 oz didn’t mean you were too broke to afford flavored vodka. Download the full Ice Cold Perm here and keep your eyes on the silky-haired Berkeley native who just signed with Fool’s Gold.

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  1. Learn To Spell says:

    Berkeley********** get your shit right you guys are suppose to be a recognized publication.

  2. Carl Weathers says:


  3. Jessie says:

    That hair tho lol