Download DJ Mustard’s Ketchup Mixtape


The nation’s most reliable purveyor of kicks and plinks, DJ Mustard, released a new tape earlier this week. Ketchup gathers a bunch of smallish LA talent (Teefli, Royce The Choice, Clyde Carson, Kay Ess, Skeme) and better-known Mustard homies (YG, Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy). It also reunites the producer with Ty Dolla $ign and Joe Moses, whose excellent Whoop! tape he produced last summer. Ty, Moses and Mustard are a pretty magical trio—tape highlight “Paranoid” is pulsing and infectious, Ty’s over-earnest brooding balanced by Moses’ buoyant shit talking. Like he did on YG’s January tape Just Re’d Up 2 with a Brandy cover, Mustard makes room for women here. There’s “Straight Ryder,” a refreshing R&B interlude, singer Candice tough and glamorous over 2Pac’s “Ambitionz az a Ridah” beat, and “LadyKilla,” a solo track for squeaky rapper Cocc Pistol Cree with this malevolent line, that sort of inverts Rick Ross’ recent scandal: Slip a molly in his drink/ Now he paying like he owe us.

Download: DJ Mustard, Ketchup

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  1. PyrexPyramid says:

    Clyde Carson doesn’t deserve to be called “smallish LA talent” — he’s from the Bay firstly, & he had the BIGGEST song in the west last year.

    guess he’s still not really on their level since you dont seem to know who he is, — but he’s actually had more proven success in the game than Dom & Nipsey do far.