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Download Iamsu!'s Kilt 2 Mixtape


"Weak stuff comes out when it’s just one person," 23-year-old Iamsu! said in his GEN F profile earlier this year, and it seems like the rapper and producer is sticking to his do-it-together ideals on his new mixtape, Kilt 2. The sequel to last year's Kilt gathers production from members of Su's The Invasion crew and Trackademicks, a former mentor. Su's trademark wit and laid-back delivery are definitely appealing, but it's the sticky, moody production touches—like distant, eerie synth sparkles, from Invasion member (and Su's tour hypeman) P-Lo, or swelling strings—that make Kilt 2 so fun and absorbing. Download below, followed by Iamsu! and P-Lo's FADER FORT Presented By Converse performance.

Download: Iamsu!, Kilt 2

Download Iamsu!'s Kilt 2 Mixtape