Stream: IKEBANA, “Rose (James McNew Anxiety Remix)”

June 06, 2013

Maybe James McNew, the longtime Yo La Tengo bass player, feels anxiety listening to his remix of "Rose," but it actually alleviates mine, its ceaseless fuzz filling in the scatterbrained spaces around things to do and people to talk to like soothing insulation. The original track comes from the Japanese ambient/shoegaze duo IKEBANA, meaning "the way of flowers," who've signed to Flau for the release of their fantastic new album, When You Arrive There. It's flooring stuff, suited for fans of Windy & Carl and Grouper—McNew describes it as "an album of beautiful, tense, secret dream-music that sounds like nothing else, ever." I don't know if I'm quiiiiite there with him yet, but he's on the right track. Lonely summer nights here we come.

Stream: IKEBANA, "Rose (James McNew Anxiety Remix)"

Stream: IKEBANA, "Rose"

Stream: IKEBANA, “Rose (James McNew Anxiety Remix)”