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Nearly two months since the release of Pretty Young Thug, a near eternity in based world, Lil B is back to steal the shine off Kanye’s release day with 100% Gutta. At 34 tracks and approaching two hours in duration, there’s a lot to process, but overall it’s a strong and varied effort. My biggest grins upon first listen were brought on by the Lil Jon-sampling “RIP My Dreadhead,” the triumphant “Live Thru Me” (This is not a pain song), his scatter-brained and distortion-OD “She Wants to Have Sex” (She got a lot of posters/ Based god posters) and “Mr Dopeman,” a track with the type of skewed, synthy instrumental that really had no place in hip-hop until Lil B started whine-singing overtop. And he’s still got it. Have a good day and go give a hug.

Download: Lil B,100% Gutta

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  1. SendItUp says:

    When is this clown going to get a day job. Stop rapping, Lil Bitch

  2. SenzuriChampion says:

    wow senditup not based at all why hate on a guy for doing what he loves lets just all have fun keep it positive

  3. Vulture Squadron says:

    Task Force Bitchmob reporting, we got a some very unBased comments in here, protect the Based God at all costs

  4. Not very based of you to say Senditup. Based World thanks you for paying attention to Lil B and the Based God however. Have a blessed and based day we all love you.

    -Task Force

    p.s. protect lil b!

  5. Lil B taskforce disciple says:

    wow so rare Lil B with another amazing mixtape 34 tracks long godfather part 2 !!!!!

  6. st. bitch says:

    wow 100% gutta over here how does anyone dare speak against it lol 1st guy is brave

    praise based god

  7. anxiousmodernman says: