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Download Lil B's 100% Gutta Mixtape

Nearly two months since the release of Pretty Young Thug, a near eternity in based world, Lil B is back to steal the shine off Kanye's release day with 100% Gutta. At 34 tracks and approaching two hours in duration, there's a lot to process, but overall it's a strong and varied effort. My biggest grins upon first listen were brought on by the Lil Jon-sampling "RIP My Dreadhead," the triumphant "Live Thru Me" (This is not a pain song), his scatter-brained and distortion-OD "She Wants to Have Sex" (She got a lot of posters/ Based god posters) and "Mr Dopeman," a track with the type of skewed, synthy instrumental that really had no place in hip-hop until Lil B started whine-singing overtop. And he's still got it. Have a good day and go give a hug.

Download: Lil B,100% Gutta

Download Lil B's 100% Gutta Mixtape