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Stream Nylo's Indigo Summer Mixtape

Nylo, the Los Angeles via Chicago singer whose debut EP impressed Nas and Mac Miller last year, will release a new mixtape, Indigo Summer, for download tomorrow. Hear the entire tape—a crisp vehicle for Nylo's sweet but clear-eyed voice with beats from "Ride" and "Baby" producer Tricky Stewart, Jhene Aiko collaborators Fisticuffs and Nylo herself—a day ahead of its official release below. There's more where these come from, too—expect another tape, Indigo Rose, this fall.

Indigo Summer tracklist:
01. Nobody Has To Know (Produced By: Tricky Stewart)
02. Fool Me Once (Produced By: Soundz)
03. Breakfast At Tiffany’s (Produced By: Boogie, Cash, Nylo)
04. Cocaine Hearts (Produced By: Fisticuffs, Nylo)
05. Take it Back (Produced By: 55 Billion, Nylo)
06. Blurred Lines (Produced By: Nylo)
07. Rent Free (Produced By: 55 Billion)

Stream Nylo's Indigo Summer Mixtape