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It’ll be interesting to see how a little thing like producing for Kanye’s album Yeezus will change things for Brooklyn producer Arca, née Alejandro Ghersi. For now, though, it’s all beautiful progress: this morning, he released a new mixtape &&&&&. It’s a reinforcement of the beat-heavy chill he’s famous for, but also a total breakthrough for his creativity, breaking songs down to their sexiest and weirdest parts, like a David Lynch film for electronic music culture. At about the 12-minute mark, a horror movie piano enters the scene inexplicably and leaves as quickly as it came — leaving us creeped and hopeful for more.

Download: Arca’s &&&&& Mixtape

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  1. BooBooBB says:


  2. Rick James says:

    Comparing this to a David Lynch film is disrespectful. This sounds like he got drunk and pulled shit out of his ass

  3. derek says:

    Arca was en is the future! Awesome new mix! Happy to see him by himself again with out Kanye!

  4. The Dank Twizzler says:

    how is that honky tonk a horror movie piano?

  5. Alex Frank says:

    Writing about music is about the writer’s perception of whatever it is that they are writing about—that’s the entire point. Sure, there are irrefutable factual points (birthdates, release dates, etc.), but that I hear something different in the actual sound than what you hear is the entire reason for all of this existing, and it’s why you read the text to begin with. Why would you read a blog post if it said everything you already thought in your head?

  6. Andrew says:

    I agree that criticism is, to a certain extent, subjective, but I’m not seeing where you’re getting horror film from at all.

  7. exness says:

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  8. L X x says:

    i liked arcas earlier stuff, this sounds like a step backwards tbh but i can definitely imagine kanye rapping over it,