Stream: Arp, “High-Heeled Clouds”


Last time we heard from Alexis Georgopoulos, aka Arp, he was deep in the analog synth obsession of the turn of the last decade and making music with British experimental composer Anthony Moore. Three years later, the New York musician is readying an album of painstakingly produced, walking-paced pop songs that one might easily mistake for a lost collaborative album between the likes of Brian Eno, Kevin Ayers and any number of long-haired, arty prog-rockers who made music out of Canterbury, England, in the late ’60s. “High-Heeled Clouds,” the second single from MORE, moseys along New York’s Fifth Avenue just a few paces behind a window-shopping society lady, bouncing shiny pearls of social commentary—“Words,” she says/”Lie like a knife in a drawer”—off of a delightfully chunky bassline, hits of vintage organ and a perfectly La-di-dah chorus. You get a swirl of gritty atmospherics at the end, but for the most part, it’s the sort of lovingly researched music nerd pop that you’d never expect a veteran noisik of Arp’s ilk to pull off so precisely. MORE is out September 17th via Smalltown Supersound.

Stream: Arp, “High-Heeled Clouds”

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