Check Out Some New Cam’ron and Simpsons Tees


Say the words “Cam’ron” and “T-shirt” together in a sentence, and you’ve got us from hello—artist Kristofferson San Pablo seems to have a knack for all of the things that get us drooling. He painted Cam’ron’s infamous Grammy’s outfit from 2003 and it now festoons a couple of T-shirts, and he’s also drawn up a parallel universe in which one of our favorite dudes Basquiat jumped into cartoonland to be a guest character on The Simpsons. They’re on sale, and very reasonably priced, so head to this online shop to pick ‘em up.

Some of your favorite ’90s celebs photoshopped into rocking said tees:

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  1. Fart says:

    FUCK THE 90′S

  2. Killa says:

    ^ ^ ^ ^ you maaaaaad

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  4. David Beljan says:

    That simpsons shirt is like what would happen if Keith Haring took acid and animated for the simpsons after finally developing some artistic talent.