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Download DonChristian's The Wayfarer Mixtape

photographer Lindsay Keys

DonChristian’s debut mixtape The Wayfarer has an awesome and diverse assortment of beatmakers on it—Boody, Mess Kid, Squalladay, a scattering of songs self-produced by the artist himself. And just like his creative big brother Le1f, who did a similar kind of production-hopping on his two mixtapes and here has produced one of The Wayfarer's tracks, DonChristian's talent is in wrangling all of these different sounds into something that rides as one vibe. And ride it does: DonChristian eases into each song like he's in a 1967 Pontiac convertible, driving through LA, sunglasses on, blunt in hand. The height of that charmed mood is still "My Crew," the tape's first single that's an undeniably sweet ode to friendship produced by DonChristian himself. And who wouldn't sing a song about crew love when it's a crew that's lending talents and beats as good as what's on The Wayfarer?

Download: DonChristian's The Wayfarer Mixtape

Download DonChristian's The Wayfarer Mixtape