Staff Selects: Twin Sister Jams

August 08, 2013

Every week, a different FADER editor compiles a playlist to highlight a new release and give you a guide to that artist’s web of influences and peers. These Staff Selects live in our Spotify app, alongside GEN Fs from our archives and playlists for each issue. This week, it's Matthew Schnipper on songs for his twin sister.

Later today, I'm getting on a plane and flying to Vermont to visit my twin sister. She's lived there since we were 18 and I don't go there enough in the warm weather. It's really gorgeous. Whenever I see my sister I always try music out on her, something like a litmus test. If my sister goes crazy over Haim, chances are pretty good so will you. I like getting people excited about music and she's a perfect test subject: the person pretty cool for Vermont, but who still lives in Vermont. This playlist is a bunch of "pretty cool for Vermont" new jams I hope she'll get into. And one by Twin Sister that's not so new but she'll probably like on principle.

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Staff Selects: Twin Sister Jams