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Stream: Sam Smith, "Nirvana"


A little cheesy secret about me is that when I'm feeling blue, I watch empowering moments from singing competition shows to live out all of my Hallmark card fantasies, like the time 9-year old Malaki cried while singing Beyonce's "Listen" on X Factor but then wiped off his tears and finished the song. Maybe Sam Smith is into stuff like that too? Dude sings like he's on American Idol, like he's overcoming adversity, which we first noticed with his vocals on one of Disclsoure's finest, most melodramatic records. A second taste of his forthcoming debut EP Nirvana, out October 7, "Nirvana" is all torch song, serious and deeply emotional. And who knows? Maybe some kid will be singing this on a talent show in 20 years, persevering through his fears by mimicking Smith's triumphs.

Stream: Sam Smith, "Nirvana"