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Stream: Keep Shelly In Athens, "Flyway"


We've been patiently waiting for At Home, the debut full-length from Keep Shelly in Athens, since the first time we dipped our toes in the serene tide pools of slippery electronica the Athens, Greece, duo create, which feels like an mini-lifetime ago. I've been doing some serious zoning out to "Recollection" all summer, and this latest preview of the new LP, "Flyway," is pretty much guaranteed to get just as much rotation. There's a little drop around the one-minute mark, and everything after that is trance-y and perfectly paced; you can dance to it if you want, but you could also stare at a picture of the ocean and reflect on the fragile temporality of existence. You should probably dance though. At Home is out September 17th via the consistently-great Cascine.

Stream: Keep Shelly in Athens, "Flyway"

Stream: Keep Shelly In Athens, "Flyway"