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Stream Cuushe’s Butterfly Case LP

September 19, 2013


There hasn't been an album this year I'd rather have in my life than Cuushe's Butterfly Case, no other record as rewarding or comforting or so deftly and directly at the forefront of its genre. To listen to this album, for me, is to forget and remember everything at the same time. Cuushe's voice weighs as much as a cotton ball, but encapsulated in co-producer aus' shoegaze-meets-minimal-techno, it lands on you like the moon itself. "I Love You" sounds like exactly that; "I Miss You" sounds like exactly that; "Sort of Light" sounds like exactly that. Listen to the whole thing below. Butterfly Case comes out worldwide on September 23rd via Flau, one of our 2013 "labels to watch" and the party behind a fantastic FADER mix.

Stream: Cuushe's Butterfly Case LP

Stream Cuushe’s Butterfly Case LP