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Crystal Antlers, "Licorice Pizza" MP3

Crystal Antlers have been alive and kicking since the days that we were finding out about new bands on MySpace (the year 2006, specifically), but "Licorice PIzza," the lead single from their upcoming, Innovative Leisure debut, is shot through with enough stumbling-over-itself energy and voice-cracking screams to make you feel like you're listening in on some raw, undiscovered punk band. It's as young-at-heart as its title and Jonny Bell's repeated proclamation that he won't sleep again, but it's got the kind of catchy simplicity that in reality can be very difficult to achieve, and it ends in a precocious flourish of post-punk saxophone. Nothing Is Real is out October 15th via Innovative Leisure, and is available for pre-order now.

Download: Crystal Antlers, "Licorice Pizza" MP3

Crystal Antlers, "Licorice Pizza" MP3